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PiKVM-A8 Parts
X630-A8 packing list
PiKVM-A8 connection digram
PiKVM-A8: X630+X630-A8 for Pi 4


PiKVM-A8 is a member of the PiKVM family. It only supports Raspberry Pi 4 Model B. It is directly inserted into the computer case as a PCI card. That is, you can put a computer into your computer. It does not require additional cables and is more convenient to use.

The PiKVM-A8 is composed of X630-A8 and X630:


  • X630 HDMI to CSI-2 Board (for video capture)
  • X630-A8 HAT Board (for POE, RTC, ATX Control power in etc)

Note: There is no I2S Audio In connector on the X630-A8 for the first production batch, the I2S Audio In connector I2S-Audio-Connector.png was added since March 2023!!!

How to Power

  • POE power (Recommend, but it's expensive because you need a poe switch, the poe switch must support 802.3af.)
  • Power Input: 5.1Vdc +/-5% , ≥3A (Power Via USB Type-C port of X630-A8)

How to Cool

X630-A8 (PiKVM-A8 PCIe version) equipped with a active cooling fan that cool your raspberry pi;

Packing List

* 1 x X630 HDMI to CSI-2 Module

  • * 1 x FPC cable (Length: 5cm)
  • * 4 x M2.5x6mm Screws

* 1 x X630-A8 V1.7 Expansion Board

  • * 1 x FPC cable (Length: 5cm)
  • * 1 x ATX Control Cable (Length: 52cm)
  • * 1 x Motherboard Internal USB 2.0 9-pin Female Header to TYPE-C USB OTG Cable (Length: 50cm)
  • * 1 x USB3.0 IDC to TYPE-C (Length: 45cm)
  • * 1 x Standard height PCIe Add-in Card I/O Bracket
  • * 4 x M2.5x12mm F/F Spacers
  • * 8 x M2.5x6mm Screws

* 1x X630-A8-CAB V1.1 Camera Adapter board

  • * 2 x PM3x6mm Screws

* 1 X HDMI cable (30cm length)

Hardware Parameters


Connection Diagram

Overall connection diagram:


Wiring of computer front panel IO socket

(Use ASUS motherboard for example, different computers maybe different)

PC Panel

How to connect OLED


User Manual

OS download: https://pikvm.org/download/

For Raspberry Pi 4, please use the V3 HAT OS.


Installation Video

PiKVM-A8 Installation Video: https://youtu.be/BV8UkSgqWLo


Q. I want to control several pc power. Is it possible with one PiKVM-A8

A. No, one kit can only control one pc.

Q. There is a I2S Audio In on X630-A8, does the packing list contain an I2S cable? How to connect it?

A. No contain an I2S cable.

PiKVM OS does not support I2S, so it cannot be used yet.

The 10pin SH1.0 connector is for future I2S HDMI audio support. Once it supported, we will update the product information for detail use.

Q: How to login?

A: Input the XX.XX.XX.XX ip address on the explorer, then input user: admin, the default password is 'admin' also.

Q: How to switch root user?


su root
#default password  is root also

Q: How to enable OLED?

A: Run the following command to enable OLED display:

systemctl enable --now kvmd-oled 

Q: Why OLED is not display?

A: Please confirm that your OS is right:


Q: How to enable RTC?

A: Firstly, insert the C1220 button battery. run the following command:

sudo nano /boot/config.txt
#Then change the line: dtoverlay=i2c-rtc,pcf8563 to dtoverlay=i2c-rtc,ds1307

#Test RTC
#Display the current time of the Raspberry Pi
#Write the time of Raspberry Pi to DS1307
reboot before next step
sudo hwclock -w

#Read the time of DS1307
sudo hwclock -r

Q: Why PiKVM-A3/A4 does not show the video?


  • Double-check that the video capture device is connected correctly and tightly. For the CSI bridge, this should be exactly the camera port;
  • Some laptops do not output any signal until you switch the output (usually via the FN + and an F5 key on the keyboard).
  • Your computer may have turned on sleep mode for the monitor. Move the mouse to turn it off.

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