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This article describes how to enable hdmi audio on the Geekworm PiKVM hardware such as X650 / X680 / PiKVM-A3 etc , you can refer to pikvm official audio tutorial also.

Unlike the official PiKVM V3 version, the Geekworm KVM hardware supports audio output by default and does not require additional jumper settings. But if you can't use audio, here are a few reasons to consider:

1. It is possible that your HDMI does not support the audio channel, consider replacing the HDMI cable.
2. It is possible that the motherboard of the controlled computer does not support audio output via HDMI, if so, you cannot use audio unless you replace the motherboard;
3. Refer to https://docs.pikvm.org/audio/ for more details and technical limitations related to audio.

1. Firstly, start the X650 and enter the terminal window of pikvm's web UI.

2. Switch root user

su root

Then type the password, (the default password is root also);

3. Switch to writable state


4. Edit /boot/config.txt, and add the following comment to the end of file;


5. Update the OS:

pacman -Syu

6. Edit /etc/kvmd/janus/janus.plugin.ustreamer.jcfg and add the following lines at the end:

audio: {
    device = "hw:0,0"
    tc358743 = "/dev/kvmd-video"

7. Enable the basic audio in the EDID:

kvmd-edidconf --set-audio=yes

8. Reboot the device:


9. Your host will detect the possibility of audio output via HDMI. Mac OS usually connects automatically, Windows requires manual indication, Linux will require a ritual shamanic dance. In any case, make sure that the audio is output via HDMI on your host. PiKVM supports stereo mode with any standard bits and frequencies like 32/44.1/48 kHz with 16/24 bit.

10. Open the PiKVM Web UI. Click the System menu and switch the video mode to H.264 / WebRTC. After that, the volume slider will appear under the switch. Increase it to the maximum and have fun.

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