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X832 V1.2 Interface
X832 V1.2+Pi4
X832 V1.2+X735+Pi4
X832 V1.2 Packing List
X832 V1.0 Interface
X832 V1.0 Packing List
X832 V1.0+X735 V3.0+Pi4
X832 V1.0+X735 V2.5+Pi4
X832 V1.0+Switch + Pi 4
X832-c1 Case + X735 + X832 V1.2 Shield


X832 V1.2 is released

X832 V1.2 is released on 26th October 2021;


  • New add 4pcs test pins on the board to power Pi 4 with X832 via test pins. Not need the 2pin cable with use X832 V1.2 with Raspberry Pi 4 Only.
  • DC jack is changed from DC5525 to DC5521. (DC5525 is compatible with DC5521.)
  • Jumper function updated, please refer to photo [X832 V1.2 Interface].


X832 have two version: v1.2 and v1.0;

Due to the change of the height of the nut column, the corresponding housing is different.

X832-C1 case is only for V1.2

X835-C1 case is only for V1.0.

Note when X832 V1.2 use with X735 V3.0:

  • 1. When use X832 with Raspberry Pi 4 only, use the latching switch to connect on X832 PWR SW port.
  • 2. When use X832&X735 V3.0 with Raspberry Pi 4, use the momentary switch to connect on momentary switch port of X735 V3.0.


Note when X832 V1.0 use with X735 V3.0:


If you need a dual hard drive solution, you can refer to X880(out of stock),NASPi Gemini 3.5


The X832 is a 3.5" SATA HDD expansion board focused on providing a bigger storage solution for your Raspberry Pi 4. The board is a great way to give a desktop look, as you can connect multiple external hard drivers without having them "hanging" from the USB ports of your SBC.

If you are looking for building a Media Center or even a Network-attached storage (NAS), the X832 is the right board for it. You will be able to separate one hard disk only for operating system and the rest for media, games...etc.

If you need dual 3.5" sata board, please refer to X835(A longer USB 3.0 A Male to A-Male Data cable is needed).



Raspberry Pi 4 Model B

Operating System

All Raspberry Pi operating systems

  • Ideal storage solution for Raspberry Pi - 3.5" SATA HDD Shield
  • Supports up to 14TB 3.5-inch SATA hard disk drives (HDD)
  • Allows booting OS from your HDD/SSD for faster app opens, web serving and file copying[1]
  • Function to power the RPI via XH2.54 only needing a single power supply
  • Integrated USB 3.1 Gen1 to SATA 6Gb/s bridge controller
  • USB3.1 Gen1 5Gb/s connectivity offers plug-and-play functionality on your Raspberry Pi 4
  • Quick file transfer with high-speed USB3.1 5Gb/s connectivity from a PC or a Mac
  • LED red indicator indicates powered status and blue indicator indicates drive status
  • LED blue indicator indicates drive status
  • Specially-made USB3.1 jumper to connect with Raspberry Pi - no additional cables needed
  • On-board XH2.54 power connectors allows to power other devices
  • On-board PH2.0 connector allows to use external latching power swtich
  • Mounting holes and standoffs provide mechanical stability of the Raspberry Pi and X825 assembly
  • Fully compatible with X735 for intelligent power management and cooling your Raspberry Pi
  • Fully compatible with X710 for intelligent power management and cooling your Raspberry Pi
  • Power supply: 12Vdc +/-5% , ≥3A
  • Ports & Connectors:
  1. DC jack - 5.5x2.1mm
  2. USB socket - USB 3.0 type A
  3. Power connector - XH2.54 2-pin
  4. SATA socket - 7+15P Female
  • PCB Size 162.8mm x 101.6mm
  1. A microSD card is required for forcing the Raspbian OS to use the HDD/SSD for its "root" partition
  • For use with original power supply unit only
  • Don't power your Raspberry Pi via the Pi's 40-pin header and Type-C power socket at the same time.
  • Power supply is very important to the hard disk, so please use a high quality power adapter, or you may encounter problems such as not recognizing the hard disk.

X832 V1.2

  • 1 x X832 V1.2 HDD expansion board
  • 1 x USB3.1 jumper
  • 1 x 2-Pin Power Connection Wire
  • 4 x Spacer F/F M3 x 31mm
  • 4 x Screw PM2. 5 x 5 mm (to fix Pi 4)
  • 8 x Screw TM3 x 8 mm(to fix HDD)
  • Matching Case is X832-C1

X832 V1.0

  • X832 V1.0 HDD expansion board x 1
  • USB3.1 jumper x 1
  • 2-Pin Power Connection Wire with Power daughter board x 1
  • Spacer F/F M2.5 x 12mm x 4
  • Spacer F/F M3 x 32mm x 4
  • Screw PM2.5 x5mm x 8 (to fix Pi 4)
  • Screw TM3 x 6mm x 8 (to fix HDD)
  • Matching Case is X835-C1


X832-C1 metal case is only for X832 V1.2, and DON'T support X832 V1.0. Please refer to X832-C1.

X835-C1 metal case can support X835 and X832 V1.0 version. Please refer to X835-C1.


Installation video for Raspberry Pi 4 + X835/X832 V1.0 + X735 V2.5 + X835-C1:

User Manual

About USB boot please refer to Does the X825/X855 support USB boot


Q: What to do if HDD is not recognized?

A: Please refer to How to View/Partition/Format/Mount HDD/SSD

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Anonymous user #6

2 months ago
Score 0  

what is the reason it is not compatible with the pi 5?

is there any way to mod it so it would be compatible with the pi 5?


2 months ago
Score 0  
X832 V1.2 powers Pi4 through pogo pin, but does not support pi5; and X832 does not support PCIe

Anonymous user #6

2 months ago
Score 0  
is it compatible with pi 5?


2 months ago
Score 0  
Hi, X832 NOT compatible with Pi 5; please refer to X1008 or X1009

Anonymous user #5

9 months ago
Score 0  
is it compatible with raspberry pi 3?


9 months ago
Score 0  
Hello, X832 supports Raspberry Pi 4 Model B

Anonymous user #3

22 months ago
Score 0  

Hi, I have X832 v1.2 3.5" + x735 v3.0 Raspberry Pi 4 8GB. All seems to be running, butHHD is not recognized. I have installed Openmediavault formatted HDD as ext4. Can't list the HDD in linux either. Tried several different HDD'S I've followed the setup video and it seems right but not showing HDD. Please help if I am doing something wrong

Thanks Peter


22 months ago
Score 0  


Please refer to the instructions here to test X832 + HDD:

How to check the X820

Anonymous user #4

21 months ago
Score 0  

Lisa, hi My previous comment is named user 3# I have followed both your instruktions linked in your answer and I find no difference. My Raspberry, can't show any HDD through the X832. If I connect the same HDD through any HDD enclosure and plug it into the Raspberry , the HDD is recognized. I am pretty convinced that the X832 Is broken. Regards Peter BTW I can't login or create an account here, I have one at the Geekworm main site, but can't use it here.

That why this comment is anonymous


21 months ago
Score 0  
Hi,Please email us [] and tell us your order number, and send your test results, such as video or pictures. We will provide you with after-sales support.Thanks~

Anonymous user #2

27 months ago
Score 0  

Hi, is it possible to stack the x832 Board for multiple HDDs? Is it possible to stack the x832 with x835?



27 months ago
Score 0  


Sorry, x832 does not support stacking.

Anonymous user #1

28 months ago
Score 0  
Does it compatible with Orange Pi 4?


28 months ago
Score 0  


X832 not support Orange Pi 4.