Does the X825/X855 support USB boot

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Does the X825/X829/X855/X856/X857/X862/X872/X835/X832 support USB boot?



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Anonymous user #6

24 months ago
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admite windows 10 y 11

Anonymous user #5

29 months ago
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Fantastic thanks

Anonymous user #4

41 months ago
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Is USB Boot available under Ubuntu Server 20.10?

Anonymous user #3

42 months ago
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In the meantime USB boot is working and productive on RasPi4.

Anonymous user #2

44 months ago
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watch out for the minor problem with above link "how to boot ...." this links to tom's hardware but the option for the USB boot if using the latest raspi-config is under option 6 not 3


46 months ago
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I managed to use this board for Homeassistant ( and used the beta v5.1 HassOS that supports SSD booting. I can confirm this is working with this board, however i get Kernel Messages about UAS mode. After applying usb.quirk as describerd here (https://www....php?t=245931) there are no errors anymore. How well is UAS mode implented in youre device?

Anonymous user #1

45 months ago
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Exactly the same here. I had to apply quirk in order to avoid this messages. I'd like to know a SSD drive fully supporting UAS mode