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This guide is only for X735 V2.5 shield based on RASPBIAN. (Not tested on Ubuntu or other OS.)

How to setup script??

1. Once you have logged into your Raspberry Pi from the command line, run the following commands

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install python-smbus
sudo apt-get install pigpio python-pigpio python3-pigpio

2. Download script and some sample code.

git clone https://github.com/geekworm-com/x735-v2.5.git

3. Setup script.

cd x735-v2.5
sudo chmod +x x735-v25.sh
sudo bash x735-v25.sh
printf "%s\n" "alias x735off='sudo x735softsd.sh'" >> ~/.bashrc

4. Reboot

sudo reboot

5. Test safe shutdown


At this time, the fan is still not rotating, we need to continue to install the pwm fan control script

We can manually run the following commands:

python /home/pi/x735-v2.5/pwm_fan_control.py

Then the x735 fan will start working.

But we hope that the script can be executed automatically when the Raspberry Pi board boots, we can use crontab system command to achieve it. please refer to the following

6. How to start PWM fan when pi 4 boots

sudo crontab -e


Choose "1" then press Enter

Add a line at the end of the file that reads like this:

@reboot python /home/pi/x735-v2.5/pwm_fan_control.py

Please note the path of this file.


Save and exit (CTRK + O and ENTER to save it). In nano editor, you do that by hitting CTRL + X, answering Y and hitting Enter when prompted.

How to read the fan RPM?

please refer to /home/pi/x735-v2.5/read_fan_speed.py, and this is only show how to get the fan speed every second, run the following command.

sudo python /home/pi/x735-v2.5/read_fan_speed.py

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Anonymous user #7

8 days ago
Score 0++
it's doesn't work


2 days ago
Score 0++
Hello friend, Is the X735 board not working? Or the fan not working? If any problems, please email to us. We will provide solutions.Regards

Anonymous user #6

12 days ago
Score 0++
I have a question, when I want to turn it off do I use the off button physically or do I use the start menu? Or use the command x735off?


2 days ago
Score 0++
Hi friend,The X735 supports software safe shutdown, you can use it to shut down. Regards

Anonymous user #5

26 days ago
Score 0++
Which GPIOs are used in the X735 V2.5 script?


2 days ago
Score 0++
Hello friend,please refer[X735_V2.5_Hardware] https://wiki...2.5_Hardware

Anonymous user #4

29 days ago
Score 0++
can you make this work for python3?

Anonymous user #3

one month ago
Score 0++
Great job....thanks :)

Anonymous user #2

one month ago
Score 0++

Good day,

I'm running an umbrel node on my pi with an SSD attatched. Are there instructions to get the fan part working. Since these instructions are written for Raspbian? ( was was succesfull until step 5)

Anonymous user #1

one month ago
Score 0++

Please note - in the command line that you entered to turn the fan on initially there is no 3 after python. python /home/pi/x735-v2.5/pwm_fan_control.py

This presents an issue if people are following the next step where you advise people to type: @reboot python3 /home/pi/x735-v2.5/pwm_fan_control.py

these do not match and because of that the fan will not turn on (although the image of your terminal is correct)

Anonymous user #8

2 days ago
Score 0++
Hello,Does the fan not work? According to our script test, the fan can work normally. If any usage problems, please email us. We will provide you with a solution. regrards;Geekworm