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Orange Pi 5 Plus Case N508
Orange Pi 5 Plus Case N508
How to Connect Fan
Orange Pi 5 Plus Case N508
N508 Case Dimensions
N508 Packing List


This is the Orange Pi 5 Plus metal case which compatible with Orange Pi 5 Plus 4GB/8GB/16GB, the model is N508. It reserves all the interfaces for the Orange Pi 5 Plus motherboard. For good heat dissipation, it can use 4010 5V active cooling fan and a 10mm passive aluminum heatsink at the same time.

Model Compatible with NVMe SSD Support
N505 Orange Pi 5/5B Yes, BUT NOT support to fix 2280 SSD to Case.
N506 Orange Pi 5/5B Yes, support to mount 2280 length SSD inside the case for Orange Pi 5.
N508 Orange Pi 5 Plus Yes.
N510 Orange Pi 3B Yes.
N500 Orange Pi Zero 2 No.


  1. The first version of N508 case does not reserve the antenna holes!!!
  2. The heatsink will touch the back of audio port after installation, but not affect usage.


  • Model: N508
  • Compatible with Orange Pi 5 Plus 4GB/8GB/16GB
  • High quality metal material with surface galvanized process
  • All ports and slots of the case can match with Orange Pi 5 Plus
  • Equipped with 5V 4010 cooling fan for active cooling
  • With a 10mm thickness aluminum heatsink for passive cooling
  • Case Dimensions:108*80.8*43.8 mm/ 4.25*3.18*1.72inch
  • With 75mm distance mounting hole, you can hang it on the wall or somewhere you want.

Packing List

  • 1x N508 metal case for orange pi 5 plus
  • 1x 4010 5V cooling fan
  • 1x 10mm aluminum heatsink
  • 1x Screws Pack

User Manual

Please pay attenttion!!!


Installation Steps


Installation Video

Geekworm N508 Installation Guide: https://youtu.be/LkfAG6QMKko

Geekworm Orange Pi 5 Plus Heatsink Installation Guide: https://youtu.be/fUrbUVHNIck

Thanks for the video from leepspvideo! https://youtu.be/CfIWyWxPaC0

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Anonymous user #2

26 days ago
Score 0++
How much room does it have for SSD heatsink?


25 days ago
Score 0++
Hello,The copper spacers fixing the bottom of motherboard are M2.5*7+6, so the height from the motherboard to the bottom of the case is 7mm. Theoretically, the thickness of SSD+Heatsink cannot exceed 7mm.

Anonymous user #2

14 days ago
Score 0++
It is only 1.5mm between the SSD and the case bottom side. With 0.5mm thermal pads it gives only about 1mm room which is technically not enough to fit in anything. The only way to avoid SSD overheating is to significantly low down the rates. Hopefully it will be better designed in the next version of the case.

Anonymous user #1

11 months ago
Score 0++
Why wasn't the fan designed to take advantage of the 5V fan header adjacent to the RTC Connector?


11 months ago
Score 0++
Thank you for your suggestion, but our current fan design is directly plugged into the GPIO