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This wiki describes how to use x630 on the Raspberry Pi OS.

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has updated several versions recently;

The use guide of X630 depends on the official Raspberry Pi OS version you are using. Different versions have different usage methods. If you have some questions, please contact us and attach the os version you are using.(Email: support@geekworm.com)

For Raspberry Pi OS

X630 has two reset mode: Hardware reset and Software reset modes;

You can use hardware reset mode if you use it on raspberry pi hardware or raspberry pi os, software reset uses GPIO 509 to reset operation through GPIO, which can prevent you from restarting the Raspberry Pi repeatedly, which is very convenient.

The user guide of X630 is similar to C779 when X630 is in hardware mode, but X630 supports audio when used with X630-A2, and C779 does not support audio

First, please confirm & select X630 work mode according the picture; After November 2021, the default factory mode is hardware mode;

We found that some users prefer hardware mode, so our factory default settings have been changed to hardware mode

dip switch

Disconnect power to the Raspberry Pi before changing dip switch positions!!!

Hardware reset(Default) HW = 1 SW = 0
Software reset HW = 0 SW = 1
X630 dip switch setting


  • Hardware reset: After starting RASPISTILL or RASPIVID once then you will need to reboot Raspberry Pi to restart it again (Please use when operating system cannot control the X630 module via GPIO509)
  • Software reset: Starting RASPISTILL or RASPIVID multiple times and don't need to reboot Raspberry Pi.
  • Default setting is 'Hardware reset'.
  • Please remove the yellow protective film before change dip switch.

For Hardware Reset refer to X630-Hardware-Reset

For Software Reset refer to X630-Software-Reset

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