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This is the use guide for ugeek LCD, and this guide is fit to the following products:

2.2 LCD

2.4 LCD

Rpi HD 3.5 inch TFT

#sudo rpi-update
#we recommend you use the last raspberry raspbian imager. Download URL:
git clone
cd 22LCD-script
chmod +x
sudo ./

Ugeek lcd use guide

Ugeek lcd use guide

Ugeek lcd use guide

Ugeek lcd use guide

Ugeek lcd use guide

Ugeek lcd use guide

How to turn on/off backlight

To turn the backlight off, run

sudo sh -c 'echo "0" > /sys/class/backlight/soc\:backlight/brightness'

To turn the backlight back on, run

sudo sh -c 'echo "1" > /sys/class/backlight/soc\:backlight/brightness'

How to DIY the buttons

Please refer to 2.2_LCD

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Anonymous user #2

14 months ago
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For Raspberry Pi 4B, can it be set as second display?

Anonymous user #1

20 months ago
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This is great! Got mine up and running. But now looking for help in a script that will show only my IP address at boot.


20 months ago
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Hi dear ,Glad to receive your message ,but sorry i donot get your point ,could you pls provide the details?By the way ,There are many Raspberry Pi fans exchange experiences on our official website, you are welcome to join us https://geek...munity/forum