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P579-V2 view
P579-V2 bottom view
P579 bottom view
Installation introduction
Installation introduction


The biggest reason for its creation is to support the top PCIE to M2 NVME shield. Apart from this, even if you don't have a PCIE to M2 NVME board now, it is also compatible with Raspberry Pi 5 and Raspberry Pi 5 Official Active Cooler, but a PCIE to M2 NVME boards like X1000, X1001, X1003 or X1004 is recommended.

The P579 is not only suitable for Geekworm PCIe to NVMe SSD series boards, but also compatible with third-party PCIe to NVME boards. The unique cut-out design on the front of the case also meets the LED display requirements of most third-party PCIe to NVME boards, and the only thing you need to pay attention to is the height of the copper posts used by third-party PCIe to NVME boards, which is no more than 17mm in height.

But please note: since X1002 is a bottom PCIE to M2 NVME shield, so P579 is not compatible with X1002, but you can look forward to our P580 case, which is specially designed for X1002.


Based on customer feedback, we updated P579 and renamed it P579-V2 on March 2024. P579-V2 is only 5mm taller than P579, there will be more space between the top cover and the NVME board which is helpful for some specific thicker NVME SSDs for mounting an SSD cooler, and the P579-V2 is also compatible with the X1004 shield but the P579 is not.Only P579-V2 will be produced later.


  • Model: P579
  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi 5
  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi 5 official cooler
  • Compatible with X1000, X1001, X1003, X1004, M400, M300, Q100, Q200, M901
  • Easy to install, excellent heat dissipation

Packing List

  • 1 x Metal case P579
  • 4 x M2.5x5+5mm spacers
  • 4 x M2.5x6Ø4mm copper nuts
  • 4 x KM2.5x4mm screws
  • 1 x 4pcs rubber pads

Assembly instructions

P579 Installation


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Anonymous user #5

4 months ago
Score 0++

I bought the P579. I already owned the x1001 and the Pi5 had the active cooler. This is

a great combination case which I highly recommend.

Anonymous user #3

4 months ago
Score 0++

bought P579 case and shield for it. Went together fine, waiting on drive so have no comments on operation.

Was there or is there going to be a sw cover for the pi power sw. Using a fingernail now to operate it and it is exposed to dust and quite delicate.


4 months ago
Score 0++
Hi,We also considered this issue when designing P579/P580 Case, but it is difficult to implement. If you have any good switch ideas, please recommend them to us.Thanks

Anonymous user #2

5 months ago
Score 0++
To what extent does this P579 case reduce WiFi and Bluetooth signal strength?


5 months ago
Score 0++
Metal cases generally have some degree of impact on WiFi and Bluetooth

Anonymous user #4

4 months ago
Score 0++
That was my first observation. It went down to 53%. I don't know what it was before there was no issue.

Anonymous user #1

6 months ago
Score 0++
What about the cable and the heat sink?


5 months ago
Score 0++
Hi, this P579 case is compatible with the official Raspberry Pi Active Cooler , X1000 X1001 X1003 comes with FFC Cable