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Please refer to here: File:DAC-setting-raspbian.pdf


  • Write SD card image and boot Pi.
  • connect from web browser to volumio.local
  • Select the top right hand side (burger) menu and select PLAYBACK OPTIONS.
  • Turn on "I2S DAC" and select "ST400" under“DAC Model.” Then reboot and you are done.

Moode Audio Player

  • Connect from web browser to moode.local
  • Select configure from the pull down menu, then system.
  • Within the Audio section select the device you have (such as Pi-DAC+) and press SET
  • Within the same selection make sure you set the volume to around 20% (not 100%) and press SET
  • Select reboot

Once reconnected….

  • Select configure from the pull down menu and then MPD
  • Within Setting, select volume control - hardware and then APPLY
  • Select reboot


  • Write SD card image, boot Pi.
  • login into the Pi via ssh as root (password rune) and edit /boot/config.txt to select the IQaudio Pi-DAC+ devicetree overlay. Save and reboot
  • Connect from web browser to runeaudio.local
  • Select the pull down settings menu and select MPD, here change audio interface to IQaudIO DAC, beneath this select Volume control: enabled-hardware


  # audio interfaces
  # optional hardware interfaces
  • Once above changes have been made, then ctrl+x to save.
  • mount -o remount,ro /flash
  • reboot

NOTE (Feedback from one of our customer): using the latest version of Raspbian Pi OS, 'dtoverlay=iqaudio-dacplus' does not work, but choose 'dtoverlay=rpi-dac' it works fine




Please refer to: https://www.max2play.com/en/forums/topic/there-is-a-new-audio-case-geekworm-dacpi-works-with-max2play/


It works with RoPieee just pick "Audio HAT: IQandIO Pi-DAC(+/PRO/Zero)" and I using Spotify and it playing real good sounds very good.

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