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X920 raspberry pi PCM5122 DAC audio board
X920 raspberry pi PCM5122 DAC audio board
X920 raspberry pi PCM5122 DAC audio board
X920 raspberry pi PCM5122 DAC audio board and Matching case

Packing List

  • 1 x X920 Expansion board
  • 1 x Pack of screws


  • The X920 expansion board is suitable for Raspberry Pi 3 Model B/ 2B / B+
  • DAC All-function with PCM5122 chip
  • Operating System: All Raspberry Pi operating systems
  • Support the mainstream music player,such as Volumio, RuneAudio, OSMC, XMBC(Kodi), MOODE etc.

Operating System

  • Moode Audio Player
  • OSMC
  • Openelec
  • Raspbian Jessie
  • Volumio
  • Pi Core Player
  • RuneAudio


  • Full-HD audio – up to 24-bit/192kHz playback
  • Built in audiophile TI Burr Brown DAC (TI PCM5122)
  • Class leading audio; 112db SNR, and -93db THD
  • Integrated hardware volume control
  • TI's LP5907 Ultralow-Noise voltage regulator for optimal audio performance
  • Built in IR receiver (Vishay TSOP34838)
  • Available with RCA and 3.5mm phone jack output connectors
  • Powered by Raspberry Pi, no external power requirements
  • Conforms to the Raspberry Pi hardware-attached-on-top (HAT) specification
  • Access to GPIO pins on HAT


  • Raspberry Pi I2S Input (LRCK - GPIO19, BCK - GPIO18, DATA - GPIO21, GND)
  • Output Ports: 1 x 3.5mm phone jack , 2 x RCA connectors
  • Analog audio output level: 2.0VRMS
  • Resolution/Sampling Rate: upto 24bit / 192KHz (Raspberry Pi I2S)
  • IR receiver: GPIO17, 38KHz
  • Size 65mm x 56mm

Matching Case

How to use

For Volumio


For RuneAudio


For OSMC (Version: 20180601)

1. Select My OSMC and enter "Pi Config".

X920 user manual

X920 user manual

2. Select "Hardware Support", "Soundcard Overlay" => "iqaudio-dac-overlay";

X920 user manual

3. Reboot your Raspberry Pi;

4. Select "Settings".

X920 user manual

5. Select "System".

X920 user manual

6. Select "Audio " => "Audio output device", set Audio Decoder to "ALSA: Default(IQaudIODAC Analog)"

X920 user manual

7. Done!

Hardware Installation

Please refer to Hardware Installation

More details please refer to web site

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Anonymous user #1

5 months ago
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Which I2S DAC should I select within Moode? HiFiBerry DAC appears to be accepted but there's no sound from the headphone jack.


5 months ago
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