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X306 UPS Shield for Pi zero W/2W
X306 UPS Shield for Pi zero W/2W- Front View
X306 UPS Shield for Pi zero W/2W - Rear View
X306 UPS Shield for Pi zero W/2W
X306 UPS Shield for Pi zero W/2W + C296
X306 UPS Shield Packing List


X306 is a one cell 18650 UPS shield designed for Raspberry Pi Zero W / 2W.

It equipped with 3 standard USB-A 2.0 ports, and a USB Type C to power. The USB-A port can be used to connect external devices such as mouse, keyboard etc.


  • The Raspberry Pi board, power adapter are not included in the packing list.
  • Raspberry pi micro OTG port cannot be used as it is occupied by USB HUB

4 Pin header function description:

Pin Function
AL ON: Pin 1&2 Short: Power always on, power button disabled;
AL ON: Pin 1&2 Open: Power button Press to switch on, Hold 3 seconds to switch off
PWR SW: Pin 3&4 for external 2-pin momentary switch

"AL ON" enable, "PWR SW" will be disable.

"PWR SW" enable, "AL ON" will be disable.


  • Ideal Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) solution for Raspberry Pi Zero W/2W
  • Max 5.1V 4000mA Power Backup for even the most demanding Raspberry Pi set ups
  • 18650 single cell battery holder
  • Upto 1000mA charging current
  • Integrated battery reverse polarity protection circuit
  • Integrated over current protection and over voltage protection
  • Intelligent automatic charging and discharging
  • 4 blue LEDs indicate battery charging and discharging levels of 25%, 50% , 75% and 100%
  • Red & green LEDs show the status of power on/off and charging status
  • On-board push button to control power on /off (Press-ON, Hold the button pressed at least 3s -OFF)
  • Ultra-low standby power consumption of μA to maximize battery life
  • Integrated IN-to-SYS pass-through path to pass the input voltage to the system
  • Advanced system power path management avoids frequent charging and extend battery life
  • Connects to the Raspberry Pi via Pogo Pins - no wirindg & soldering required
  • 4-pin header for external power swtich and always-on power option
  • Equipped with three USB2.0 ports and one USB2.0 4-through-holes for more USB expansion


  • Input supply voltage: 5Vdc +/-5%
  • Input supply current: ≥3A
  • Charging current: 900~1050mA
  • Trickle charge current: 130~140mA
  • Predetermined Charge voltage: 4.2V +/-1.5%
  • Output voltage: 5.1V +/-5%
  • Max output current: 4000mA

How to Power

Power Input: 5.1Vdc +/-5% , ≥3A (Power Via USB Type-C port of X306 NOT Pi zero 2W)

How to charging X306 UPS shield?

How to Cool

Aluminum Heatsink for raspberry pi zero 2 w, please refer to C296

Support Geekworm C296 Heatsink for Pi Zero 2W

Packing List

  • 1 x X306 18650 UPS Shield
  • 4 x M2.5 x 5mm Screws

PCB dimention


Q1. What 18650 battery is recommended?

A: 18650 battery dimension


Q2. What is the power output for each usb port?

A: It is 5V, all ports share 4A, not limited to 500mA.

Q3. Is there any way I can check from the raspberry pi if it's connected to the power or the battery from the UPS?

A: When connected to the power supply to X306, the power supply supplies power to the Raspberry Pi; remove the power supply, it is powered by the battery.

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Anonymous user #6

13 days ago
Score 0++
None of the USB ports are working. Anything I plug into them does not function and is not listed as connected. What should I do to fix this?


10 days ago
Score 0++
Hi, we are sending you an email, hoping that you can provide some hardware installation pictures. The products are tested before leaving the factory, and there will be basically no quality problems. I hope you can check the test ponits under the Raspberry Pi Zero 2W, are these test ponits clean and the pogo pins align well with each test pins? This may affect the USB ports which make it not work.

Anonymous user #5

2 months ago
Score 0++
Is there a case for this?


one month ago
Score 0++
Hello, I'm sorry, we don't have the X306 shell at present, but we have the specific information of X306 PCB dimention File:X306V1.1.dxf, you can make a shell by other means, such as 3D printing

Anonymous user #3

2 months ago
Score 0++
The usb hub is not getting recognized, any thoughts about to configure it?

Anonymous user #4

2 months ago
Score 0++
Try to remove X306, then test if the usb hub is recognized?

Anonymous user #2

3 months ago
Score 0++
I'm not sure if the USB ports are being recognized. Is there is software setting I need to change in the pi zero to use the USB ports?


3 months ago
Score 0++
Hi,Please connect the mouse and use the 【lsusb】 command to check.

Anonymous user #1

4 months ago
Score 0++
Do you have a Cad Model for this?


4 months ago
Score 0++
Hi,please refer to [PCB dimention]