X820 Metal Case V3.0 Version

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This case is only fit to X820 V3.0, please confirm the X820 board version.

  • This is metal case with super mute cooling fan kit , it is very easy to install and a perfect choice for X820 V3.0 SSD/HDD storage board user.
  • High quality metal material with surface galvanized process;
  • Support super mute cooling fan;

Update Notification

In March 14th 2019, the X820 V3.0 version board use metal case has gone through the fourth time update, now it has been updated to adapt to install one more X735 HAT over Raspberry Pi with height added about 5mm and open two extra holes at the side for X735 board. And the X735 safeshutdown board will be released soon.

Latest Updated X820 V3.0 Metal Case in March 2019-V4:

X820 v3.0 metal case installation.jpg

X820 V3.0 Metal Case-V3:


X820 V3.0 Metal Case-V2:

V3.0 W1000-w800.jpg

Updated X820 V3.0 Metal Case


Packing List

  • 1 x V3.0 Metal Case (with 4 pieces of M3*4 screws)
  • 1 x Power Control Switch
  • 1 x Mini Fan(with 4 pieces of screws)