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10-pin functional connector

Pin No. Pin Name Function Note
1 3V3 3.3V output 3.3V
2 HDET HDMI input detect (high level ) 3.3V
3 IR Infrared signal 3.3V
4 INT Interrupt Output signal – active high (Level) 3.3V
5 RESET System reset input, active low 3.3V
6 A_SCK I2S/TDM Bit Clock signal (BCK) 3.3V
7 A_WFS I2S Word Clock or TDM Frame Sync signal (LRCK) 3.3V
8 A_OSCK Audio Oversampling Clock (MCLK) 3.3V
9 A_SD I2S/TDM data signal (Data) 3.3V
10 GND Ground 0V

X630 Reset Setting

dip switch
Hardware reset HW = 1 SW = 0
Software reset HW = 0 SW = 1
X630 dip switch setting


  • Hardware reset: After starting RASPISTILL or RASPIVID once then you will need to reboot Raspberry Pi to restart it again (Please use when operating system cannot control the X630 module via GPIO509)
  • Software reset: Starting RASPISTILL or RASPIVID multiple times and don't need to reboot Raspberry Pi
  • Default setting is 'Hardware reset';
  • Please remove the yellow protective film before change dip switch.

Mechanical Drawing

x630 mechanical drawing

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