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hdmi_mode defines screen resolution in DMT format (for other modes not listed here, please refer to HOW TO Create Custom HDMI modes)

These values are valid if hdmi_group=2 (DMT)

Note: according to there is a pixel clock limit which means the highest supported mode is 1920x1200 @60 Hz with reduced blanking.

hdmi_mode=1    640x350    85 Hz
hdmi_mode=2    640x400    85 Hz
hdmi_mode=3    720x400    85 Hz
hdmi_mode=4    640x480    60 Hz
hdmi_mode=5    640x480    72 Hz
hdmi_mode=6    640x480    75 Hz
hdmi_mode=7    640x480    85 Hz
hdmi_mode=8    800x600    56 Hz
hdmi_mode=9    800x600    60 Hz
hdmi_mode=10   800x600    72 Hz
hdmi_mode=11   800x600    75 Hz
hdmi_mode=12   800x600    85 Hz
hdmi_mode=13   800x600   120 Hz
hdmi_mode=14   848x480    60 Hz
hdmi_mode=15   1024x768   43 Hz  DO NOT USE
hdmi_mode=16   1024x768   60 Hz
hdmi_mode=17   1024x768   70 Hz
hdmi_mode=18   1024x768   75 Hz
hdmi_mode=19   1024x768   85 Hz
hdmi_mode=20   1024x768  120 Hz
hdmi_mode=21   1152x864   75 Hz
hdmi_mode=22   1280x768          Reduced blanking
hdmi_mode=23   1280x768   60 Hz
hdmi_mode=24   1280x768   75 Hz
hdmi_mode=25   1280x768   85 Hz
hdmi_mode=26   1280x768  120 Hz  Reduced blanking
hdmi_mode=27   1280x800          Reduced blanking
hdmi_mode=28   1280x800   60 Hz  
hdmi_mode=29   1280x800   75 Hz  
hdmi_mode=30   1280x800   85 Hz  
hdmi_mode=31   1280x800  120 Hz  Reduced blanking
hdmi_mode=32   1280x960   60 Hz  
hdmi_mode=33   1280x960   85 Hz  
hdmi_mode=34   1280x960  120 Hz  Reduced blanking
hdmi_mode=35   1280x1024  60 Hz  
hdmi_mode=36   1280x1024  75 Hz  
hdmi_mode=37   1280x1024  85 Hz  
hdmi_mode=38   1280x1024 120 Hz  Reduced blanking
hdmi_mode=39   1360x768   60 Hz  
hdmi_mode=40   1360x768  120 Hz  Reduced blanking
hdmi_mode=41   1400x1050         Reduced blanking
hdmi_mode=42   1400x1050  60 Hz  
hdmi_mode=43   1400x1050  75 Hz  
hdmi_mode=44   1400x1050  85 Hz  
hdmi_mode=45   1400x1050 120 Hz  Reduced blanking
hdmi_mode=46   1440x900          Reduced blanking
hdmi_mode=47   1440x900   60 Hz  
hdmi_mode=48   1440x900   75 Hz  
hdmi_mode=49   1440x900   85 Hz  
hdmi_mode=50   1440x900  120 Hz  Reduced blanking
hdmi_mode=51   1600x1200  60 Hz  
hdmi_mode=52   1600x1200  65 Hz  
hdmi_mode=53   1600x1200  70 Hz  
hdmi_mode=54   1600x1200  75 Hz  
hdmi_mode=55   1600x1200  85 Hz  
hdmi_mode=56   1600x1200 120 Hz  Reduced blanking
hdmi_mode=57   1680x1050         Reduced blanking
hdmi_mode=58   1680x1050  60 Hz  
hdmi_mode=59   1680x1050  75 Hz  
hdmi_mode=60   1680x1050  85 Hz  
hdmi_mode=61   1680x1050 120 Hz  Reduced blanking
hdmi_mode=62   1792x1344  60 Hz  
hdmi_mode=63   1792x1344  75 Hz  
hdmi_mode=64   1792x1344 120 Hz  Reduced blanking
hdmi_mode=65   1856x1392  60 Hz  
hdmi_mode=66   1856x1392  75 Hz  
hdmi_mode=67   1856x1392 120 Hz  Reduced blanking
hdmi_mode=68   1920x1200         Reduced blanking
hdmi_mode=69   1920x1200  60 Hz  
hdmi_mode=70   1920x1200  75 Hz  
hdmi_mode=71   1920x1200  85 Hz  
hdmi_mode=72   1920x1200 120 Hz  Reduced blanking
hdmi_mode=73   1920x1440  60 Hz  
hdmi_mode=74   1920x1440  75 Hz  
hdmi_mode=75   1920x1440 120 Hz  Reduced blanking
hdmi_mode=76   2560x1600         Reduced blanking
hdmi_mode=77   2560x1600  60 Hz  
hdmi_mode=78   2560x1600  75 Hz  
hdmi_mode=79   2560x1600  85 Hz  
hdmi_mode=80   2560x1600 120 Hz  Reduced blanking
hdmi_mode=81   1366x768   60 Hz  
hdmi_mode=82   1080p      60 Hz  
hdmi_mode=83   1600x900          Reduced blanking
hdmi_mode=84   2048x1152         Reduced blanking
hdmi_mode=85   720p       60 Hz  
hdmi_mode=86   1366x768          Reduced blanking