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Size of V-by-One to HDMI adapter board.jpg


This is a V-by-One to HDMI adapter board, the output supports 4K2K 1080P resolution.

It is designed to solve the connect problems of electronic blackboards, large conference tablets, 4K large screen simultaneous display, 4K driver board applications, etc.

1. Can light up the original 4K screen while adding a 4K HDMI signal output.

2. Can be applied to education system, conference system, commercial display, matrix, advertising machine, medical display, etc.

3. Can be Powered directly from the V-by-One input screen line.


[Features of VBO RX]: (Only supports single drive input)

  • Support video 4Kx2K@60Hz 18/24/30bit (594Mhz) input via 2/8 lanes and 3 byte or 4 byte 1 section mode
  • Support up to 3.75Gbps (effective data rate 3Gbps) transmission rate
  • Support 8 Lane Swap

[Features of HDMI TX]

  • HSupport HDMI TX V2.0 (Bandwidth up to 594MHz)
  • Support HDCP 1.4 (Compliance V1.2)
  • Support HDCP 2.2
  • Video source of HDMI TX is from Vx1
  • Audio source of HDMI TX is from I2S input/Line in
  • Support 600 Mega-characters/second (Mcsc) per data channel to deliver 4Kx2K@60 4:4:4content for each single port

[Features of VBO TX] (Support single/dual drive output)

  • Support max 8 lane Vx1 (Vx1_TX0~Vx1_TX7) output for UHD display
  • Support 3/4 byte mode, support 24/30bit, RGB444
  • Vx1 output max transmission rate 3.7Gbps, min is 1.2Gbps
  • Support SSC for reduce EMI
  • Support Offset Modes: 2 Sections for 8 Lanes
  • Support 2/8 Lanes Tramsmission

[Power supply]

  • Voltage Range:11.5V--12.5V
  • Max Current: 1000mA

Packing List

  • V-by-One to HDMI adapter board * 1


Q1: The adapter board is connected to the V-BY-ONE signal, why is there no HDMI output?


1.Please check whether the V-BY-ONE line is connected correctly and whether the line sequence corresponds.

2.Please check that the power supply voltage of the drive board is above 5V.

3. Please check whether the V-BY-ONE output resolution of the drive board complies with the VESA standard, and it must be a single drive.

4. If the main chip of the V-BY-ONE signal board of the driver board is FIFO output, it is not supported.

5. please check whether the voltage range is 11.5V-12.5V,

Q2: The V-BY-ONE input signal is connected to the adapter board, but there is no display when VBO OUT is connected to the LCD screen?


1. Please check whether the V-BY-ONE cable is connected correctly and whether the line sequence corresponds to the screen end.

2. The power supply voltage of the driver board must be above 12V. Please check whether the single/dual sub-drive of the VBO OUT of the adapter board is consistent with the LCD single/dual sub-drive.

3. Whether the V-BY-ONE output of the drive board meets the VESA standard, it must be a single drive.

4. Test whether the HDMI OUT has a picture input and output. If there is a picture, it means that the VBO IN input is normal. Check the VBO OUT configuration and related wiring.

Q3:The HDMI output screen size is normal, but the screen color is not normal?


1. The V-BY-ONE signal data format does not match the configuration of the adapter board, please check the data BIT, 6BIT, 8BIT, 10BIT?

2. Please check the V-BY-ONE signal board adjustment program or enter the factory menu to set MAP (VESA OR JEIDA).

3. Please update the program for the adapter board and reconfigure the parameters.

Q4: The HDMI output screen size is abnormal or the position is shifted?

A:Please adjust the screen parameters for the V-BY-ONE signal board, strictly follow the VESA standard configuration

Q5: HDMI output screen jitter, flickering and other unstable phenomena?

A: Please check the V-BY-ONE signal parameter configuration, turn off the V-BY-ONE spread spectrum (NOSSC), and turn on the FREERUN function,then Adjust the V-BY-ONE eye diagram (try to debug the signal to de-emphasize, pre-emphasis).

User Manual


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