Raspberry pi 0.91 inch OLED Module SKU:385011

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Raspberry pi 0.91 inch OLED Module sku:385011

Raspberry pi 0.91 inch OLED Module sku:385011


Stacking 0.91" OLED Module for Raspberry Pi / Arduino / Banana PI / PCDuino (128 x 32). 0.91 inches 128x32-resolution OLED display, high-speed, low-power, programmable and flexible configuration and so on.


  • Support 3.3V/5V two kinds of power supply (toggle via switch).
  • Data input/output via the I2C bus, compatible with 3.3V/5V level (toggle via switch).
  • Resolution: 128x32.
  • Can be used independently, can also be used with our Cascading and Overlapping Multi-Function Sensor Expansion Board(sku. 357254)
  • Compatible with raspberry pie(Raspberry pi 2 Model B / B+ / B / A+), banana pie, cubieboard, pcduino, Arduino etc.
 How to use OLED display module
 How to connect
 How to check if connect to I2C device

Packing List

  • 1 x OLED Module


Stacking 0.91" OLED Module can used with board Cascading and Overlapping Base Board SKU:357254

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