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P511-A Raspberry Pi 5 Heatsink armor case with single fan
P511-A Raspberry Pi 5 Heatsink armor case with singel fan
P511-B Raspberry Pi 5 Heatsink armor case with dual fan
P511-A Thermal Test Chart
P511-B Thermal Test Chart


This is an aluminum Case with fan for Raspberry Pi 5 8GB / 4GB. It is available in a single-fan version (P511-A) and a dual-fan version (P511-B). Both cases designed with active cooling and passive cooling to provide fast heat dissipation for your Raspberry Pi 5.

Refer to RPi5-Cases to see more raspberry pi 5 case.


  • Model: P511
  • Material: aluminum alloy
  • Aluminum passive cooling together with fan active cooling to provide fast heat dissipation
  • Open case design, which has a lower effect on WLAN
  • All ports and slots of the case can match with Raspberry Pi 5 well
  • Reinforced aluminum material, lightweight and durable

Packing List

  • 1 x Aluminium Alloy Case
  • 4 x Thermal Tape
  • 1 x Screw packs

Note: Raspberry Pi 5 Board is NOT Included

User Manual

Installation Video

P511-A: https://youtu.be/hzHbUHn74Vg

P511-B: https://youtu.be/bJlzdN0UEP0

Thanks for the test video from leepspvideo!

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Anonymous user #1

4 months ago
Score 0++

Three questions: Thermal Conductivity of the pads and their thickness? Why isn't there an heatsink for the ethernet transceiver?

Is it possible to add a 4-5mm pad to the ethernet transceiver so it contacts with the heatsink all the way to the top of the case?


3 months ago
Score 0++
Hello, the thickness of the P511 thermal pad is about 0.9 mm, and the heat dissipation of the ethernet transceiver is relatively low, so it is generally not considered.