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How to connect the fan


This is a raspberry pi 4 case with embedded 3007 fan. It adopts an active + passive dual heat dissipation scheme, that is, raspberry pi 4 passive cooling through the case, and the fan actively accelerates the heat dissipation of the case.

The fan is with two separated terminals, you can connect to 3.3 V or 5 V GPIO as needed.


  • Ultra-thin design
  • Easy to install
  • Active + passive dual cooling scheme to help cool down better
  • Open case design, no worry about wifi interference
  • Smooth and straight aluminum material
  • For better heat dissipation, you can replace the CPU thermal pad with a 0.5mm thick copper heatsink, and add CPU grease(not include copper heatsink or CPU grease)

Packing List

  • 1 x Aluminum Case
  • 1 x 3007 Cooling Fan
  • 8 x Mounting Screws (4pcs for case, 4pcs for fan)
  • 3 x Thermal Tapes

User Manual

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