Orange Pi Lite2

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Orange Pi Lite2 Board
Orange Pi Lite2 Board
Orange Pi Acrylic case
Orange Pi Acrylic case


It is a perfect Case with cooling fan kit for Orange pi Lite2, we use nickel-plating copper spacer to install the case, it's looks more beautiful with great touching, you can not miss it.

Note: 1. No include Orange pi lite2 board. 2. Please remove the transparent films on the surface of every single shells before you start to install the case

Installation Guide

  • Mount the bottom shell to the Orange Pi Lite2.
  • Install the cooling fan onto the top shell.
  • Plug the power cable onto the GPIO port.
  • Install the two side shells, then istall the front shell with USB openning, then the back shell.
  • Install the top shell with colling fan.


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