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N400 Orange pi 4 metal case interface
N400 Orange pi 4 metal case interface
Orange Pi 4 Case
N400 Orange Pi 4 case


This is Geekworm design metal case for the Orange Pi 4 / Orange Pi 4 Lts, not for Orange Pi 4B. You can refer to N400B if you want a metal case for Orange Pi 4B;

It reserves all the interfaces of the orange pi 4 motherboard, supports the cooling fan, supports the extraction of the GPIO cable, and also reserves 2 antenna holes for you to replace the antenna that comes with the motherboard.

Model: N400

Note: Only compatible with Orange Pi 4, NOT compatible with Orange Pi 4B!!!!You can refer to N400B if you want a metal case for Orange Pi 4B;

I can't understand why the naming of orange pi is so confusing. . . .


  • Nice appearance
  • Good heat dissipation
  • Reserved GPIO cable hole
  • All ports and slots of the case can match with orange pi 4 / orange pi 4 lts board perfectly
  • Good wifi signal, reserves many round cooling holes on the side of the case, almost no weakeness for the WIFI signal;
  • 2 antenna holes are reserved to facilitate the installation of external antennas
  • High quality metal material with surface galvanized process;
  • Case size:9.6x6.2x3.5cm/3.77x2.44x1.37inch
  • with VESA mounting hole, you can hang it on the wall or somewhere you want
  • About the cooling fan, the fan label marks 12V but it is also ok to use with your orange pi board.

Packing List

  • 1 x Orange pi 4 metal case
  • 1 x Cooling fan
  • 1 x Installation screws pack


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Anonymous user #1

11 months ago
Score 0++
Just at a glance it seems you mixed up the pictures for the orange pi 3 and 4. The connections on these orange pi 4 match with the 3 and vice versa. I might be wrong but check it out please.


11 months ago
Score 0++
Hello, the picture shows the shell and accessories of Orange Pi 4, not Orange pi 3. The internal structure of Orange Pi 4 and Orange pi 3 is quite different.