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This is IoT GUI development kits base ESP8266 soc, supports mainstream IoT cloud platforms such as Gizwits cloud, Alibaba Cloud, Amazon AWS, Azure etc. Our goal is to extend an easy-to-use user input and output interface based on the ESP8266 Soc.The development board is equipped with a capacitive touch button as input, and an extended IO port from MPR121 is reserved. The LCD interface is also reserved as a display output. Based on this kit, you can quickly develop the iot devices you want, such as thermostats, smart switches, and control panels for various devices.


  • Only one ESP8266 soc drives wifi and GUI, you needn't other MCU.
  • Provice the GUI damo C language source code;
  • Based on ESP8266 Soc, it has an easy-to-use user input and output interface; it is convenient for users to develop quickly;
  • Migration the NodeMcu's task management framework, and the original NodeMcu SDK only supports 3 tasks, extended to support an unlimited number of tasks now;
  • Implemented a complete I2C protocol to (not limited) drive the onboard capacitive button module (MPR121);
  • The interrupt mode is used to respond to the button, and the entire process of generating a button event and send event to the main task is completely implemented;
  • The IO port, which is very tight for the ESP8266 module, implements a SPI-based 3wire 9-bit LCD driver to occupy the fewest IO ports.

Support Mail

Please mail to if you have any questions,


Diagram of IoT development board

Packing List

  • 1 x Board
  • 1 x LCD Module


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