5 inch Capacitive Touch LCD 800x480

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Acrylic Stander for 5 inch Screen
Acrylic Stander for 5 inch Screen
Acrylic Stander for 5 inch Screen


  • 5" standard display, 800x480 resolution,maximum HDMI resolution 1920X1080 is supported
  • Capacitive touch screen, support 5 point touch maximum
  • Built-in OSD menu adjustment function (adjustable Contrast/ Brightness/Saturation, etc.)
  • It is compatible with mainstream mini PC such as Raspberry Pi, BB Black, Banana Pi
  • It can also be used as a general-purpose HDMI display, connecting computers, TV boxes, Microsoft Xbox360, SONY PS4, Nintendo Switch and so on
  • Used as a Raspberry Pi display that supports Raspbian, Ubuntu, Kodi, Win10 IOT, single-touch, free drive
  • Work as a PC monitor, support Win7, Win8, Win10 system 5 point touch (XP and older version system: single-point touch), free drive
  • Support HDMI audio output
  • CE, RoHS certification


  • Size: 5.0 (inch)
  • Resolution: 800x480(dots),aximum HDMI resolution 1920X1080 is supported
  • Touch: 5 point capacitive touch
  • Audio output: support
  • Dimensions: 121.11x95.24(mm)
  • Weight: 248 (g)

Hardware Description

  • Earphone: 3.5mm Audio output interface
  • Touch: USB connector(For power supply and touch output, the functions of the both are the same, can just use one of them)
  • Display: HDMI interface(For connecting motherboard and LCD monitor)
  • Power: Controls the backlight turned on and off to save power
  • Return: Return (Only valid in the OSD Settings menu)
  • Right/Down: Direction Right/Down (Backlight shortcut key0
  • Left/Up: Direction Left/Up(Backlight shortcut key)
  • Menu: Open the OSD / Select key(Only valid in the OSD Settings menu)

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User Manual:


Screen Dimensions:


How to install matchbox-keyboard:


How to modify the display orientation-CTP(En):


How to install the LCD driver (En):