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5V 4 Channel WiFi Wireless Smart Switch (sku:438340)
5V 4 Channel WiFi Wireless Smart Switch (sku:438340)


Application & Wires Connection





APP Download and User Guide

Please refer to Ewelink app download

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How to weld 433MHz receive board

IMG 0234.jpg

How to pair the receive board and remote control?

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Question 1: How many version of Working Voltage for the WIKI Switch Controller?

There are 3 version(Input Voltage):

DC 5V (Micro USB or Terminal)

DC 5V/7-32V(Wide voltage, Micro USB is only 5V, Terminal: 7~32V)

55V-250V(Wide voltage,Micro USB is only 5V, Terminal: 7~32V)

Question 2: After the device is configured, it appears offline, how to solve this problem?

1/ Please check abouth the password(Router/WIFI) is right or not When configuring;

2/ Ture of your device power, then power on and try again.

Question 3: Can I Use the 4G newwork to control the switch controller?

Yes,you can. You can control your smart switch when your cellphone are online.

PS: For configuration at the first time(Paring switch controller and cellphone), your smart swith and cellphone must use the same wifi network.

After that, you can use 2G/3G/4G network,wifi, or other Wlan to log in your app to control the switch.

Question 4: What is the maximum distance can i control the swith?

When you devices are configured with the wifi switch controller by your wifi network, you can log in your app by Wifi, 2G/3G/4G network, or other WLAN to control you devices anytime and anywhere, even you are out of your country!

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Anonymous user #2

35 months ago
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My device is not working anymore. Is there a factory reset?


35 months ago
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Hi,Please press and hold the switch to reset the pairing setting.(Hold on the Match buton for 5 seconds until network indicator(red light)blinking fast (blinking twice and on))

Anonymous user #1

49 months ago
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Sir How to weld or connect switches for individual relay. On board there is “com” and other 4 keys provision. Can we wire them with 4 switches to use when Wifi is giving problem.

Pl guide

Regards Vijay. ( ganganvv@gmail.com )