3.5 inch Capacitive Touch LCD 320x480

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3.5 inch Capacitive Touch LCD 320x480
3.5 inch Capacitive Touch LCD 320x480
3.5 inch Capacitive Touch LCD 320x480


This 3.5 inch TFT with Capacitive Screen is a display module can be applied to Raspberry pi ,it can be used as raspberry pi x window display terminals .It use the Raspberry pi high-speed SPI interface transfer Linux frame buffer data to the LCD module. The SPI clock can reach as high as 63Mbps. The 3.5 LCD panel with this module have 16bit/pixel 320x480 high-resolution.

This module equipped with high accuracy DS3231 hardware RTC unit make your Raspberry system time no longer depend on the network.

The LCD Module can equip with resistive or capacitive touch screen. Two types of touch screen module can use the same software package.

The LCD module used SPI, I2C and some GPIO signal from Raspberry pi 40PIN interface. Other resource in 40PIN interface can be defined by users.

The Module have the same HAT size with Raspberry pi and can be directly plugged on the Raspberry pi.


  • 16bit/pixel, 320x480 physical resolution and large view angle.
  • With both resistive and capacitive touch specifications, the software fully compatible.(this is the capacitive touch screen)
  • Providing preset raspbian-jessie system image and a separate installation package.
  • Provide accurate DS3231 RTC unit to ensure that the system time is accurate.
  • LCD Backlight can be controlled.
  • Hardware and software is compatible with any version of the raspberry pi.
  • It have the same HAT size as standard raspberry pi.

Hardware connection

The LCD modules used 28 pins out of raspberry pi 40 pin.

When installing the module attention to align the first leg of the raspberry pi and LCD module.


Software Installation

Please refer to the user manual


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