10W QI Wireless Charger Transmitter Module

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QI Wireless Charger Receiver Module
QI Wireless Charger Receiver Module
QI Wireless Charger Receiver Module


Wireless Charger = Transmitter + Receiver.

To make the wireless charger work, you must have both Transmitter and Receiver at the same time:

1/ if you already have a "receiver": If your phone is Samsung S6 / S7 / Note5, or other cellphone with built-in "receiver", or you already have a "receiver", you just need buy a "Transmitter".

2/ if you already have a "transmitter", then just buy "receiver".

Note: some "transmitters" are not universal, if you have a "receiver", please contact us to check out that if your transmitter is compatible with our receiver or not. Or, there may be some problems when you are trying to built you wireless charger, such as overheat, the charger could not work, ect.


  • Input: DC9V± 0.1V / 1.5-2A, Output: 1A to 2A
  • Charging Power: 10W
  • Conversion Efficiency: greater than 73%
  • Transmission Distance: 2-8mm
  • Standards: Qi wireless charging standard
  • Over-temperature protection: when the charging temperature is higher than 60 ° automatically stop charging for 1 minute, and so the temperature dropped and then re-charged.
  • Over-current protection: when the output current is greater than 2A charge automatically when the stop to prevent damage to the charger.
  • Interface: USB 3.1 Type-c female
  • Size: Boar:5.3cm x 5.3cm; Coil:9cm x 6cm (as the picture)
  • Weight: 0.038kg


This transmitter supports two input models:

  1. INPUT: 5V/1.5-2A, OUTPUT: 5W, 5V/1A;
  2. INPUT: 9V/1.5-2A, OUTPUT: 10W, 9V/1.2A(this model only supports the phone with fast charging receiver, such as S6Edge+/S7/S8/Note5)



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