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Volumio is an entirely new music system. It is designed to play all your music, whether is an Hi-Res file or a Web Radio, with the highest quality. Control it with your favourite device, a smartphone, pc or tablet, and enjoy your music as you never did before.

Volumio parameter

  • Ready to play: flash it and you're ready
  • Audiophile Quality: bit perfect playback
  • FLAC, WAV, MP3, AAC, ALAC, PLS support
  • Music libraries on Samba, NFS and USB drives
  • Webradios support out of the box
  • Control it via integrated Webui with PC, Smartphone, Tablet
  • Airplay capability
  • Ramplay Support
  • DSD Native Playback
  • Multiroom Playback via Android App
  • Output playback device Selection
  • Audio out via HDMI, USB, Analog Jack, S/PDIF, I2S (B+)
  • Wireless Network configuration
  • Various resampling options, up to 32bit/384khrtz
 Root User: root   Password: volumio
 User: volumio   Password: volumio

How to config on DIGI+ SKU:366963 and DIGI SKU:347529

Config inferface:

How to config on DAC+

  • Choose the driver of DAC, and click apply
  • Reboot the Raspberry Pi or power off
  • Insert the USB with audio file into Raspberry Pi, and choose to update Document Library

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