EBD M03+ Mini Electronic Load

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EBD M03+ Mini Electronic Load


  1. Battery Capacity Test

This tester is designed for discharging of a wide range of batteries, including NiMH, NiCd, LiPo, LiFe and Pb, as well as the capacity test.

  1. Portable Power Bank Test

This tester supports charging and discharging of portable power banks, as well as capacity test.

  1. Power Performance Test

This tester supports performance and aging tests of various kinds of DC power supplies.


  1. Power Supply: DC 5V/0.3A (power supply connected by Micro USB)
  2. Voltage Range: 0.1-19.50V (cut-off voltage can be set according to specific needs)
  3. Current Range: 0.05-3.50A (maximum power is 30W, current will be restricted when the power reach over 30W), discharging current can be set according to specific needs
  4. Test Modes:
* Constant Current Discharging (CC), testing will automatically stop when voltage reaches the set cut-off value.
* Meter function: the tester can be used to measure voltage and current. M+/A- is current meter, and V+/V- is voltage meter.
  1. Data Display: Four digital tube which can show testing data such as voltage, current capacity, and energy. You can switch to different data by pressing on buttons.
  2. PC Connection: Micro USB cable.

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