1 Channel 30A Relay Module

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12V 1 Channel Relay Module
12V 1 Channel Relay Module


  • The module uses genuine high quality 30A relay, normally open interface maximum load: AC 250V / 30A, DC 30V / 30A.
  • The module uses SMD optocoupler isolation, strong drive capability, stable performance, 5mA trigger current.
  • There are 3 version: 5V, 12V, 24V as the difference of the working voltage.
  • The module can be set high or low trigger by jumper cable.
  • User-friendly interface design, all interfaces can be directly connected through the terminal leads, very convenient to install.
  • Module Size: 72mm x 40mm x 24mm (L x W x H)
  • Product weight: 46g
  • With 4 fixed bolt holes: hole diameter: 3.1mm, spacing: 44.5mm * 27.5mm.


  • Working voltage: 12V
  • Max working current: 80mAh
  • Quiescent current: 5mAh
  • Trigger current: 2-4mAh


  • DC +: DC power supply positive;
  • DC -: DC power supply module negative;
  • IN: Signal input terminal(support High/Low Level switch freely);
  • Normally open (NO): Relay normally open;
  • Common terminal (COM): Relay common;
  • Normally closed terminal (NC): relay normally closed terminal;