433Mhz Universal Copier

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433Mhz Universal Copier
433Mhz Universal Copier


  • This device is applicable to the shutter doors, electric doors, curtains and other electrical appliances with remote control, with the function of copy / launch / wifi control, it is suitable for copying a variety of fixed code remote control.
  • The IC models that the device can copy are: AX5326-3,PT2262,PT2260,EV1527,FP527,PT2242,HT600,HT680,HT6207,HT6010,HT6012,HT6014,AX5326-4,SMC918,PT2240,HT6013,HT6013,HT12D... Except for the rolling code HCS2, 3 series which can not be copied, the most of other remote control can be copied, HCS100 series also can be copied.
  • After copy the remote control, link the controller to WIFI, then you can use the phone to remote control the electrical appliances, eliminating the trouble of your modified wiring


  • Input Voltage: 5V

(you can use your Phone chager to power the device)

  • Working Voltage: 85V-250V

Installation Guide

Just need two steps:

Step 1: Copy your appliances remote control code to our WIFI device.

Step 2: Pair WIFI device with your phone, then you could use your phone to control the appliances.

(More details, please follow the pictures as below)





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