3.5 inch TFT Capacitive Touch Screen

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3.5 inch TFT Capacitive Touch Screen


  • This 3.5 inch TFT with Capacitive Screen is a display module can be applied to Raspberry pi ,it can be used as raspberry pi x window display terminals .
  • It use the Raspberry pi high-speed SPI interface transfer Linux frame buffer data to the LCD module. The SPI clock can reach as high as63Mbps.
  • The 3.5 LCD panel with this module have 16bit/pixel 320x480 high-resolution.
  • This module equipped with high accuracy DS3231 hardware RTC unit make your Raspberry system time no longer depend on the network.
  • The LCD Module can equip with resistive or capacitive touch screen. Two types of touch screen module can use the same software package.
  • The LCD module used SPI, I2C and some GPIO signal from Raspberry pi 40PIN interface.
  • Otherresource in 40PIN interface can be defined by users.
  • The Module have the same size as Raspberry pi and can be directly plugged on the Raspberry pi.


- 16bit/pixel, 320x480 resolution and large view angle.

- with capacitive touch specifications, the software fully compatible.

- Providing preset raspbian-jessie system image and a separate installation package.

- Provide accurate DS3231 RTC unit to ensure that the system time is accurate.

- LCD Backlight can be controlled.

- Hardware and software is compatible with any version of the raspberry pi.

- It have the same size as standard raspberry pi.

- Reserved ID EEPROM location on board.

Hardware connection

  • The LCD modules used 28 pins out of raspberry pi 40 pin.
  • When installing the module attention to align the first leg of the raspberry pi and LCD module.

IMG 3644-1.jpg

Hardware connection

Please refer to the User Manual in the Document.


User Manual: File:RPI-3.5-inch-User-Manual-EN.pdf